Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Granite Countertops I Can Afford!

If it weren't for play dates, I would have nothing to blog about! Today, for example, my husband's cousin, Rebecca brought her daughter over to play with Gabby. She recently purchased a new home as well, so we got to talking. I told her about the concrete countertop idea, which she had heard about, but as Katie warned me, Rebecca had also heard that they were expensive (sometimes more than granite). She then told me about a warehouse I have yet to explore in Orem that sells granite for as low as $15 a square foot. Here's the catch: you have to do the cutting and installing yourself. But if anyone can do it, Noah can! So again, I'm excited about my countertop possibilities, I just have to wait and see what Noah says.

Update: I made it to the warehouse. They have huge slabs of beautiful granite, but you have to buy it by the slab and apparently this requires a crane, Hmmm. Noah doesn't seem that detracted but he has yet to see the warehouse.

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