Thursday, November 01, 2007

Little Black Dress and More

I was browsing on Designmom today and came across the new launch on her site, "marketplace" where vendors give discounts to designmom readers. Anyway, one of those vendors is shabby Apple--super sleek styles that cover you (we can't all have plunging necklines, some of us have stretch marks). Currently, they're giving 10% off your next purchase (until January 1st 2008) if you're a designmom reader and their prices are pretty reasonable to start out with. The dress pictured above is $96 ($87 with the discount).
This is another dress I'm quite fond of that I could wear while teaching voice and it's only $62 ($56 with the discount) and what do you know, we're now in my birthday month!


mjby said...

So who did you intend to remind of that all-important date (Nov. 23)--your mom or your husband? And how much work did you do on Nov. 23rd 1980? I remember hours and hours of hard labor. You were pretty casual about the whole thing.

I think we should both get dresses.

Factotum said...

My comment was honestly more for Noah, though you've got a point there--where's the glory for the person who brought me into this world. I say you demand a dress!

Gretch said...

Very Cute!

mjby said...

I hereby demand a dress!!!